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How to Series: 3 Styles of Leadership

I was recently reading Clarke Green’s article called “3 Styles of Leadership”.  Here is an overview.  I highly recommend the article: http://scoutmastercg.com/three-leadership-styles/ Which kind of leader are you?  Where should you be?  Do you lead by fear, demand, laissez faire, mix?  I know and have experienced all 3.  I have seen all ...

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How to Series: Understanding Venturer Aged Youth

Have you ever stopped to ask: “Why do you think older youth and young adults want to join a crew…your Venturing crew?” Not many LDS leaders have to ask that question because the youth come with the “calling,” but do they really join the crew? So often this age group ...

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How to Series: Gear: Luci Light

Be Prepared.  This winter we should expect to see El Niño conditions.  This means a TON of rain.  Last time we has saturated hills that collapsed, homes that slide down hills, muddy streets, internet outage, and power outages. On a hike a few months ago while on a backpacking campout, I was ...

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