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About OC Scouting

Dinner at “The Fort”, in Denver Colorado.

Josh Dart (Laguna Niguel Stake)
Assistant Council Commissioner – LDS
Orange County Council (OCBSA)
Start: October 11, 2016
My role as Council Commissioner for all LDS Units in the Orange County Council is to help each Stake High Councilor, Stake Young Men’s Presidency, and Stake Primary to learn their duty as Commissioners (like Hometeachers & Coaches for the Ward Scouting Programs).   Each Stake should have regular training and onboard* new leaders.  We have about 405 LDS Cub Scout, 11 Year Old, Boy Scouts, Varsity, and Venturing Scout Units (105 Wards).


Goals for this role:

  1. Help each of the 16 Stakes’ Young Men & Primary Leaders become active Commissioners to their Units
  2. Help provide a rapid onboarding* of newly called Scout Leaders within each Stake
  3. Help each Stake provide youth Leadership & Mission Preparation Training
  4. Provide ongoing communication between the Stake Commissioners & Orange County Council
  5. Help each adult leader gain a testimony of each Scouting Program (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturing)
* Onboarding is the process of getting a new leader up and running quickly, so they can be productive and a contributing member of Scouting


About Me:

I was raised in Orange County (Anaheim 10th Ward, Anaheim East Stake).  I have 4 children and a wife who is from San Clemente.  I started in Cub Scouts at 8 in Pack 1180 and several years afterward, earned Eagle Rank in Troop 1180.  I worked at Lost Valley Scout Camp for 2 summers in the aquatics program teaching Swimming & Lifesaving Merit Badges as well as provided a quality Polar Bear Experience for those who liked iced filled water at 6AM in the morning.    I currently serve in my Stake’s Aaronic Priesthood Committee as the Teachers Quorum/Varsity Scout Specialist.  I enjoy helping adults and young men grow into better people.    I have a testimony of the value that Scouting can have on individuals when their adult leaders magnify their callings.   I strive to emulate and magnify my callings as did my Den Leaders (Sister James, my mom, and Bro & Sis Blume), my Cubmaster (Bro Randy Nelson), my Blazer Scoutmaster (11 year old) Bro Mark Wright, and my 12-13 Year Old Scoutmaster Bro Richard James.


About this website:

The purpose of OC LDS Scouting is to help boys and their leaders fully implement the full Scout Program (10 Years of Scouting).  While there are challenges to in each Ward that may keep them from fully receiving the benefits from properly implementing the program as designed, we look to help each Unit (Pack, Troop, Team, Crew) build a successful program by overcoming some of the common LDS Challenges below.  We are always looking for people to join and help us find solutions, help implement positive change, share their testimony of Scouting, and help grow boys and adult leaders into Men of God.


Common LDS Challenges we hear (we have solutions)

  1. Poor Scouting Culture (Not Converted to Scouting)
  2. Think Scouting is “Boy Scouts” (it’s really Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity, and Venturing)
  3. Trying to implement a Boy Scout Program with 14+ year old boys (it doesn’t work well)
  4. Leaders who get frustrated and resort to other “fun” activities when they boys don’t respond well to their version of Scouting.
  5. Having the Adult Leaders plan and do all of the work (boys are not engaged and get bored)
  6. No Vision of how Priesthood and Scouting work together (Boys, Parents, Adult Leaders)
  7. Don’t Implement the Program as designed
  8. Untrained Leaders
  9. Poorly Planned Programs
  10. Poorly Implemented Programs
  11. Adult Led Programs (OK for Cub Scouts but not for Older)
  12. Inexperienced Scout Leaders
  13. Low Tenure for Scouting / Lots of Church
  14. Small Units / Patrols (1-3 Boys)
  15. Boys have poor experience and believe that “Scouting” is a waste or time/boring
  16. Parents have poor attitude because Program is not implemented Properly
  17. Don’t Participate in Scouting / Don’t Magnify their Callings
  18. Poorly Organized
  19. Not having a clear Purpose of Why we do Scouting
  20. Not having a clear goals of Scouting (hint: it’s not to become an Eagle Scout)