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How to Series: Gear: Luci Light

Be Prepared.  This winter we should expect to see El Niño conditions.  This means a TON of rain.  Last time we has saturated hills that collapsed, homes that slide down hills, muddy streets, internet outage, and power outages.

On a hike a few months ago while on a backpacking campout, I was introduced to the Luci light.  I was awesome.  A lightweight, collapsible, solar-powered, portable LED lantern. Costs $15.   I will keep a few of these in our Emergency Preparedness Kits and take 1 or 2 on backpacking trips with us.  They are also good as centerpiece when you can’t have a fire but still want to gather for one.

luci-light5 luci-light4 luci-light3luci-lught1


By: Josh Dart