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How to Series: 3 Styles of Leadership


I was recently reading Clarke Green’s article called “3 Styles of Leadership”.  Here is an overview.  I highly recommend the article: http://scoutmastercg.com/three-leadership-styles/

Which kind of leader are you?  Where should you be?  Do you lead by fear, demand, laissez faire, mix?  I know and have experienced all 3.  I have seen all 3 in parents.  Which do you want to become?

Why is this important?  Because many young men will become Missionaries one day and will ALL lead, even if only as a Senior Companion.  Which style do you think would be best?  Why?

Overview of Three Leadership Styles

Responsive Authoritarian Permissive
Motivated by making others successful Motivated by status, respect, and rewards Looking for approval and friendship
High expectations High demands Low expectations
Assertive, not intrusive or restrictive Strict rules and punishment Few demands, rules or guidelines
Expects independent, age-appropriate behavior Expects conformity and compliance Low expectations of maturity and self-control
Encourages independent reason-based decision making Little opportunity for autonomy or decision making Sometimes over-indulgent response to wishes or needs
Democratic Despotic Lenient
Explains motives clearly Requests for explanation considered disrespectful Tries to adapt expectations to behavior
Discussions encouraged Orders obeyed without explanation Allows impulsive misconduct
Responses to misbehavior are measured and consistent Responds to misbehavior with punishment Demands little accountability