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NEWS: Online Recharter is now LIVE!


November 1st – Time to Recharter.  Each Ward’s Bishopric Councilor is responsible for overseeing the completion of Recharter.  This may get delegated to a Committee Chair or someone else as well, but is still up to the Bishopric Councilor that it is complete.

Also, see link:  http://www.ocbsa.org/recharter/

In the Laguna Niguel Stake, we are offering assistance on November 1st & 8th from 10:15AM-3PM at the Stake Center.  We will have 2 laptops, a printer, MLS/MIS Stake Roster of all boys/young men, and Scoutbook.  The plan is to have Recharter complete by November Roundtable.

Required Forms

  1. Annual Charter Agreement Form PDF
  2. Journey to Excellence score cards
  3. Print out from the Online system (not the Draft Version)

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your District Commissioner  who will be glad to help you through the process.

Internet rechartering training will coincide with your District’s training schedule