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Training: The Varsity Experience

VarsityExperience1Varsity Scouting has 2 Trainings available: VALT – Varsity Adult Leader Training (4 Hour Classroom) and The Varsity Vision Training Event (14 hour all day or overnight event and includes the youth)

The Varsity Experience  is a local adapted training based on the best of VALT and Varsity Vision and meets the objectives of Varsity Training (5-6 hours or 3-4 mutual nights) and allows leaders and youth to get trained in the basics of Varsity Scouting.  The goal is help Varsity Teams get started by using Varsity Scouting methods, namely quarterly project planning with adult coaches and advisors.



Varsity Scouting is youth designed, planned, and led quarterly adventures with the help of coaches and advisors who help maximize the Young Man’s potential, encourage them, and help them build their own experiences to gain confidence to overcome hard things.  The focus is to work on Quarterly Projects (rather than merit badges).  The pinnacle of Varsity Scouting with the Priesthood is to help each young man become converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and want to live by it’s teaching by helping them gain a real relationship with their Heavenly Father and love for Jesus Christ.  Each young man should learn to live by the spirit, understand how to be guided by the spirit, receive revelation for himself, and experience the atonement through repentance (for their own sins) and forgiveness (of others errors).   As each young man grows in Christ, his heart will fill with Love for others.  Adult leaders should have a similar experience.  These experiences will help each young man prepare to serve the Lord, full time, for 2 years.


“The Varsity Experience” Training Overview:

  1. 5 Areas of Varsity / OrgChart & Team Structure / Goals & 7 Habits (Program Overview)
  2. Roles / Positions for each person on the Team
  3. The Interest Survey
  4. Pick 4 Quarter Themes/Areas to focus on (Annual Overview)
  5. YM Work with Mentors to develop, plan, and execute a Quarter Activity (based on their Role on the Team) – 15-20 minutes to plan overview
  6. Gather together and assemble the Quarter Plan Details (YM present each of their plans to the Team)
  7. Schedule Dates on the Calendar
  8. Structure of Weekly Meeting
  9. Team Planning Meeting (2X per month outside of YM/mutual), like Scouting Presidency Meeting
  10. Safety Guidelines (Sweet 16 & Age Appropriate Activities + Tour Plan)
  11. Performing a Reflection & Feedback

Skills practiced:

  • EDGE Method
  • Presenting Ideas
  • Working with Adult Mentors/Coaches
  • Planning

Sample 2 Year Plan (can mix with Young Women of any Ward or Stake)

  • Snow (Snow Board, Snow Tubing, Snow Skiing, Cross Country, Snow Survival)
  • Water Sports 1 (Surf / Bodyboard / SUP / Outrigger Canoe)
  • Water Sports 2 (Snorkel / SCUBA / Water Skiing)
  • Survival Basics (Water-Wet, Snow-Cold, Desert-Heat, Basic Outdoors, Weapons-Self Defense)
  • Exploring National & State Parks (Hiking – distance or peak or explore/ Biking)
  • Ragnar Relay (OC to SD – April 2016)
  • Preparing themselves to Date (First Date to Chosen Mate / Character & Personal Development)


Sample Quarter Plan – Snow  (designed by Wood Canyon Ward, Laguna Niguel Stake during Training Event, Nov 2015)

*** Note: The events can be coordinated between personal development and High Adventure and Advancement so that they don’t need to do 3 separate trips to the Snow.  Also, they would need to budget for the event.


Questions to Ask each Quarter

  • What does success look like, this quarter…what do we want to accomplish? (Quarter Plan)
  • What Adventures or Sports do we want to do? (Annual Plan, Quarterly Plan, High Adventure/Sports)
  • Which skills are needed to be acquired, learned, taught for the Quarter? (Skills)
  • Who can teach the skills? (Specialist)
  • How will the quarter help each young man better prepare for life & mission? (purpose & Personal Development)
  • Who are the leaders/project managers for the quarter? (Roles)
  • Who are the adult advisors/mentors for each young man? (Mentoring)
  • How can we implement service using the quarter theme or YM Eagle Project? (Service)
  • What will we do each week?  (Quarterly Plan developed by YM + Planning)
  • Is each YM prepared to lead his Event/Task/Assignment/Quarterly Project? (Planning & Mentors)
  • What Special Events can we do? (Special Events/YW Events/ Council Events / Combined Unit Events)
  • Which Merit Badges go along with our theme that we can work on and accomplish, that would be fun? (Advancement)
  • How & When will we recognize the progress and accomplishments or each YM and adult advisor & leader?


  1. What are some quarterly adventures we can do?  (see Activities) + See Varsity Team Program Guides I, II, III
  2. How do we help each young man realize his potential? (through Coaching, Mentoring, Love, the Spirit, and helping them follow the spirit, and helping him set goals, plan, and find success in accomplishing projects)
  3. How can I be a better Coach for the Young Men?  (Get Trained, build your team of advisors, get your youth trained, run the program as designed, seek direction from the Spirit, set goals, accomplish goals, love the youth, make mistakes and learn/grow, and have fun)



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