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20 interactive digital merit badge pamphlets, including every Eagle-required badge, now available

For the first time ever, it’s now possible for a Scout to earn every Eagle-required merit badge using nothing but the new interactive digital merit badge pamphlets.

Or, put simply: The future is officially here.

As first reported on Scouting Wire, interactive digital merit badge pamphlets are now available for all Eagle-required merit badges.

That includes those badges that allow Scouts to choose from two or three options. For example, to become an Eagle Scout, a young man must earn the Swimming or Hiking or Cycling merit badges. But whichever he chooses, he’ll have the interactive digital merit badge pamphlet available for download right now. Same for the Emergency Preparedness and Lifesaving merit badges and the Environmental Science and Sustainability merit badges.

I’ve been updating you as the number of interactive digital merit badge pamphlets has grown. First there were four. Then eight. Then 13. Now that number is at 20.

That’s 17 Eagle-required and three elective merit badges. The electives are three logical candidates for what I’m calling “early digitization”: Animation, Digital Technology and Robotics.

So why go interactive digital instead of the ink-and-paper merit badge pamphlet? These advantages are what sold me:

  • Exclusive videos, including how-to clips, career bios, virtual tours and multimedia experiences
  • Search, so you can find what you need quickly
  • Simulations, animations, photo slideshows and graphics
  • Interactive Q&A’s

Like all things digital, these don’t take up any extra space in your backpack. And you get it all for the same cost as the print pamphlets: $4.99.

You’re getting the best value by going with the interactive digital edition. But don’t take my word for it; check one out for yourself.

Which merit badges are digital?

Click each merit badge title to be taken to the appropriate ScoutStuff.org page. (Or see the full set here.)

What’s inside?

Take a look:

Is this the same as what’s on Amazon?

No. These interactive digital merit badge pamphlets aren’t the same as the digital merit badge pamphlets sold on Amazon.com.

The big difference? Interactivity.

The ones on Amazon are searchable and available on any device with a Kindle app, but they don’t include the BSA’s custom-designed interactive elements.

The interactive digital merit badge pamphlets, on the other hand, are available on iPad, iPhone, Android and Web browsers and include all of the BSA’s resources for that merit badge.

No matter which version you choose — print, Amazon Kindle edition, interactive digital edition — you’ll spend $4.99 apiece.

Where can I learn more?

You can consider Boys’ Life to be your hub for all things related to these interactive digital merit badges pamphlets. Bookmark this page to find FAQs, links to buy the interactive digital merit badge pamphlets, sample videos and more.

How do I buy these awesome things?

See this step-by-step guide.