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News: Mt Man Rendezvous

Last Summer, 2015, the Laguna Niguel Stake organized a opt-in group to prepare for Mountain Man Rendezvous.

During the summer we were able to learn how to light a fire with flint & steel, shoot with a sling shot, caber toss, cannonball/shotput toss, cook over an open fire, knife throwing, and plan for the upcoming year.  In September, the boys were able to put their skills to a test and work together.  Here is a sample of what they experienced at the Mountain Rendezvous.

Thanks to Kevin Lang, Varsity Coach from Team 726 Wood Canyon Ward, for putting together the video and bringing his boys.


Regional Mountain Man Experiences:


A great place for some gear, is Crazy Cow.  You can buy some of the raw materials and build your own gear.