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Church Charters for 2019, automatically extended

NOTE: Normally Units need to Recharter every year. In our Council, the Units Recharter from October to December. However, not for this year. All Units sponsored (Chartered) by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, have been extended until December 31, 2019. At that time, all Units will expire.

IMPORTANT: We need to update the Cub Scout Pack and Boy Scout Troop Youth and Adult Rosters. Boys who are working towards advancement or wish to be covered through BSA Insurance should be registered. Adult Leaders should be registered, as required by Church and BSA Policy. Adults need to have a background check performed as well as complete Youth Protection. If these do not occur, the individual will be help personally liable for any injury that may occur.

Personal Note: This will save a bunch of Commissioners time to spend on helping units rather than paperwork. Rosters of Boys and Adults should be updated. I recommend putting the updates in Scoutbook. If you don’t have a Scoutbook Account, then I recommend getting your BSA Scoutbook Account after January 1, 2019 when it becomes free.

Your Unit should also complete the Journey to Excellence, to find areas each Unit can improve.



Here is a document from the National Park Council that will help you prepare for Scouting in 2019.