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Aug 18, 2017 – Plane Simulation

So our boys joined us on our Plane Ride to Canada (Simulation).  We had a safety video, met the pilot, were served pretzels and drinks, and even watched an in-flight movie.  *Spoiler Alert – We Crashed!  Dividing into 3 new patrols, the boys needed to save the flight crew and passengers who were injured using their first aid skills.  Next, they needed to find water (using map/compass skills), find & cook food, make a shelter, and create a signal for help (pioneering skills).  We ended with a campfire a farewell to several boys who have turned 12.  We also introduced our next Stake Patrol/Troop Leadership while roasting hot dogs over an open fire.  

The purpose of the activity was to have fun, solve problems using skills they have begun to learn and develop at past meeting, and learn to apply what they learning an in interactive simulation based training.  

*Flight DC 3830 (references Doctrine & Covenants 38:30 – …”but if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”)