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Aug 29, 2017 – Bridging Preparation & Advancement

It was even more enjoyable watching the Patrol Leaders work with each of their Patrol members and help them succeed.  We were able to bridge several boys including one of our new boys.

After bridging we broke into Patrols to work on advancement. It was really fun to watch how excited the boys were to progress and work on advancement.   

We then played a team game called Prisoners Dilemma (not the economic game theory game).   Boys need to problem solve on how to escape.  Some came really close.

Finally, we played another Patrol game – just for fun (circle/square).


Prep  Announcement 8/23/2017:
This week we will be preparing the boys for our first Troop Bridging Ceremony that we happen Sept 5th @ 7PM for our new families (June-Sept).  The Bridging Ceremony is a fun Scout Tradition, which marks the end of Cub Scouts and the beginning of Boy Scouts.  Historically, we have done some at the end of Cub Scouts.  Not all boys had a ceremony, so we are changing the way this works by doing in Boy Scouts.   Each family and new boy will come to Bridge into Boy Scouts.  Our Patrol Leaders will then take the new boys and start working on the Scout Rank.  The other boys will do leadership training while we take the parents and do a Parent Orientation.   Of course, Scouting wouldn’t be fun without some competition so we will have that as well.

This Tuesday, we will also work with half of the boys who are working towards Scout Rank, so please bring your Scoutbooks so we can sign stuff off.