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News: Recharter – 2017 Sample Stake Plan

See OCScouting.com/Recharter


Here is the Laguna Niguel Stake (Tiburon District) Plan from 2015:

Every year from October to December, in our Council, we perform Annual Rechartering for each Scout Unit (Packs, Troops, Teams, and Crews).  As a District Commissioner, I am responsible for all of the Recharters in our small District of 43 Units.   We have tried several ideas and even followed the guidelines that were created for LDS Units within our Council.  This year, we are trying something new because it still takes 3-5 months for Units to finish it.  Our goal to complete the LDS Units is November 10th – turn in.
To improve our boy and adult leader tracking, we implemented Scoutbook.com in December 2014.  Hopefully this will help us hit our goal of November 9th.

2016 Laguna Niguel / Tiburon Plan – LDS Recharter Renewal Process 


  1. Get COR + Unit Leader + CC – Get Updated Contact Information
  2. Give another copy to each Unit – Journey to Excellence (JTE)
  3. Make sure ALL Leaders have Youth Protection
  4. Get Den Leaders – Trained (my.scouting.org) – Tutorial
  5. Compare Current Adult Leader Roster vs Registered Leader Roster
  6. Compare Registered Boys vs. MLS & Non-Member Boys
  7. Register – Unregistered Adults (All Year + At Recharter)
  8. Get Rosters and Leader Information Updated into Scoutbook Information from Leaders
  9. Get missing applications submitted to Council (Aug-Sept)

Nov 1 & 8th (Sundays)– Signing Meeting – Recharter:

  • Load Roster + Update Roster + Print Out Roster + Get full set Signed by Bishop, Bishopric Member, Unit Leader, and Committee Chair (Set: Recharter Agreement, JTE-Journey to Excellence, and the Recharter Printout)
  • Turn in November 12th at Roundtable

All Year (but not at Recharter Process):

  1. Add NEW Cub Scouts Applications (Online or Paper App)
  2. Change Unit for  Scouts (11th birthday) > Varsity (14th birthday)> Venturing (16th birthday)
  3. Transfers (new move ins)
  4. New Scouts (non-members and converts)

The purpose of Rechartering is to recharter the Unit.  You can make adult and boy changes ANYTIME during the year.  Changes should be made as they occur (new Callings, move ins, and birthdays).  Changes made during the Recharter process will be required to be completed before the Recharter can be complete thus by doing it before/after the Recharter Process it won’t hold up the Recharter.  It adds more work to an easy process, when done incorrectly.  Historically many LDS Units don’t keep their records up to date and end up cleaning house annually during the Recharter.  This is a poor practice.  To help keep our records up to date, we implemented Scoutbook.com Scoutbook-Logo-2015


Council Recharter Instructions: http://tiburonbsa.com/recharter/


Feedback:  This was tough to implement.  We needed more people to help out.  As a result, it didn’t go as well as hoped.  For 2016, we have enlisted ALL of the LDS Commissioners (Stake Primary & Stake Young Men + High Councilors).  We are trying this plan again for 2017’s Recharter (Oct – Dec 2016)