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NEWS: Online Recharter is now LIVE!

November 1st – Time to Recharter.  Each Ward’s Bishopric Councilor is responsible for overseeing the completion of Recharter.  This may get delegated to a Committee Chair or someone else as well, but is still up to the Bishopric Councilor that it is complete. Also, see link:  http://www.ocbsa.org/recharter/ In the Laguna Niguel Stake, ...

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How to Series: 3 Styles of Leadership

I was recently reading Clarke Green’s article called “3 Styles of Leadership”.  Here is an overview.  I highly recommend the article: http://scoutmastercg.com/three-leadership-styles/ Which kind of leader are you?  Where should you be?  Do you lead by fear, demand, laissez faire, mix?  I know and have experienced all 3.  I have seen all ...

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ScoutWeek October 28, 2015

This Halloween, give the children that come to your door the greatest treat of all – Scouting! Much like Trick-or-Treating, Scouting is more fun with friends. That’s why we’ve developed a new tool to help you invite the boys in your neighborhood to join in the fun and adventure of Cub ...

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News: ScoutWeek October 21, 2015

University of Scouting 2015 is Here! Download Flyer Here! See Courses Offered Santiago Canyon College Map Leigh Steinberg will join us for the 2016 Friends of Scouting Kickoff Popcorn – a Party Pleaser!   The Holiday season is fast approaching which means time with family, friends, parties and football games! Are you looking ...

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How to Series: Understanding Venturer Aged Youth

Have you ever stopped to ask: “Why do you think older youth and young adults want to join a crew…your Venturing crew?” Not many LDS leaders have to ask that question because the youth come with the “calling,” but do they really join the crew? So often this age group ...

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Mac’s Message #57: How Boy-Led Scouting Prepares Young Men for Missionary Service

My blog messages for the past month have shown how perfectly designed the programs, principles, and practices of Scouting are for preparing LDS young men for full-time missionary service. To serve effectively, young men need to be spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and financially self-reliant. Surely Baden-Powell was inspired by ...

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