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Cub Scouts: Boy Leadership

How can you best prepare boys to grow?  Empower them!  Give them ownership and responsibility.  Teach them their roles and get out of the way.  Let them succeed and fail.  You can coach and mentor them.  Their duties are small and if they fail, it is OK.  They will learn.  Imagine if they did this for 3 years in Cub Scouts, what sort of Boy Scouts they would be.  See: https://cubscouts.org/library/council-fire/

Ideas (all optional):

  • Denner (the boy Leader) – He needs an agenda and direction.  He can also fill in when someone doesn’t show.  If we had 6 boys, then each boy would get 2 months or 1 month at 2 different times.  If we had 12 boys, then each boy would be the Denner for 1 month (2 Den Meetings and 1 Pack Meeting).  He manages the duty roster.  He can lead with the Pack Meeting assignment.
  • Assistant Denner – (gets a Assistant Denner Cord) He can fill-in and help when the Denner is not present.
  • Roll / Attendance Roster – who is there and who is not.  Reach out to those who couldn’t make it.
  • Color Guard – leads the flag ceremony
  • Prayer (Chaplain) – Opening & Closing (asking ahead to time)
  • Faith in God – Topic:  shares a 1-2 minute topic or shares about something for Faith in God
  • Scout Oath / Law: Leads the boys in the Scout Law & Oath.  He stands up front and models for the boys.
  • Clean Up Leader: The boy leads the other boys in cleaning up after the meeting.
  • Set Up Leader (Chairs / Materials):  Helps setup the Den Meeting / Pack Meeting areas
  • Gathering Activity Leader: Boy can help lead the gathering activity
  • Treats:  This boys is responsible for provide a healthy treat (optional)


Sample Duty Roster