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Welcome Letter – Scoutmaster



Welcome to Scouting!  This will be fun.

On-Boarding (Initial Set Up)

1.) Fill Out Adult Application – http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/524-501.pdf  (Only pages 4 & 5)
– Sign on 2 Spots (1 on page 4 & 1 on page 5)
– get Chartered Org Rep (Bishopric Member – <INSERT BISHOPRIC NAME>) to sign application
– get Committee Chair (<INSERT COMMITTEE CHAIR NAME>) to sign application

2.) myscouting.org (signup for an account + keep your username handy)
– take Youth Protection Training (online – 30 minutes)
– take Scoutmaster Fast Start (90 minutes)

3.) Find & Complete 2 Basic Trainings ASAP (IOLS + Leader Specific)
– Upcoming Council Training Opportunities –http://www.ocbsa.org/calendar/action~agenda/page_offset~1/time_limit~1442674801/cat_ids~16/tag_ids~143,106,102,112,104,182/request_format~html/

4.) Temporary Plan (meet with another Unit while you are “On-Boarding” as part of your New Leader Orientation)
– Meet with <INSERT NEIGHBORING WARDS> (I can help arrange this.  <INSERT NEIGHBORING SCOUTMASTERS NAMES>.  Doing an outing with another Ward would be really good as well, especially since you have a smaller group.

5.) Come to Roundtable at 2nd Thursday at <INSERT LOCATION NAME>
– Help boys come up with Patrol Name (if they don’t have one they like) + Patrol Flag + Patrol Cheer (Google is good for these)

1.) Program Features (Weekly Lesson Plans for the Year+) http://www.scoutstuff.org/pamp-bs-trp-prg-featrs-v1.html#.VeTGB_lViko
2.) Troop Leader Guidebook (Leader Manual) – http://www.scoutstuff.org/book-troop-ldr-gde-vol-1.html#.VeTHNPlVikp
3.) Scout Handbook (use Ben’s)

Tools – https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/dashboard/
– I’ve added you to Scoutbook.  This is an up to date roster of your registered boys.  Any boys who are missing – we will want to get added and get a transfer application.

Annual Planning
– I’d like to help you come up with an Annual Plan, if you’d like.  I know the Annual Plan will be the single biggest help to help make your program and experience a success.  We also have 2 new Commissioners, <INSERT Stake Young Men Leader – Deacons> (Stake YM), and <INSERT High Councilor> (Stake High Council).  I may pull them in so they can see how to help get a new Scoutmaster up and running.

I’d take advantage of <INSERT SCOUTER NAME> in your Ward.  He is great and his son will be coming into your program later this year.

Websites (for good reading)
1.) http://www.ldsbsa.org/lds-bsa-blog/  (Weekly Article – really good.  Comes out on Mondays)
2.) <INSERT DISTRICT WEBSITE>  (district website)
3.) http://www.ocscouting.com/resources (future OC LDS Scouting site I am building.  The resource page is good)
4.) blog.scoutingmagazine.org – Daily Articles on Scouting from BSA (good)
5.) blog.utahscouts.org (Provo Area Council – good articles and LDS Focus since 98% of the Council Scouts are LDS)