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Welcome Letter – Varsity Parent

Welcome to Varsity Scouting.  Varsity Scouting is not Boy Scouts.  Each level of Scouting increases in skill development and challenges.  You can see this from Cubs to Webelos, to 11 Year Old Scouts, to Boy Scouts.  In Varsity, the days of Boy Scouts are over.  Merit Badges are secondary and Quarterly Projects are the focus.  Each Young Man should have the opportunity to do a quarterly projects (4X per year).  A project consists to planning, preparing, and leading a event (activity, outing, simple service project, etc) under the assistance and guidance of an adult mentor/coach.

The 5 focus areas for projects are:
1.) Personal Development
2.) Service
3.) Advancement
4.) High Adventure / Sports
5.) Special Events (combined activities, Council/Regional Events, event with Young Women)

Each quarter, each boy should have an assignment in 1 of these 5 areas. There is also a Quarterly Theme (such as Frontiersman, Snow Sports, Water Sport, Backpacking, etc) Example: If the quarterly theme was Snow and you were the “Service – Project Manager”, ideally you would pick a snow related service project (or Eagle Project). A real example would be to serve as a helper at the Aliso Viejo’s Snow Fest (a YM presented the idea during his presentation at our Varsity Training last weekend). http://www.cityofalisoviejo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016-AV-Snow-Fest-Flyer.pdf . For the “Special Event” it was the Inland Empire Klondike http://www.bsa-ciec.org/document/klondike-flyer-2016/47771 . Each boy presented his quarterly project, these are 2 of the 5 projects that were presented. It follows the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Habit 1: It’s all up to You (Be Proactive) Habit 2: Plan (Begin with the End in Mind) Habit 3: Prepare (First Things First). Varsity is AWESOME, when done properly. Each Young Man should have an Adult Mentor that helps them craft the Project Idea, Plan it, and Prepare to execute/lead the project. Each quarter they rotate roles, pick another theme, and repeat the process. 1 year’s worth of Quarters (4) are chosen during an annual planning meeting. The Themes can change if need, but provide structure. The Quarterly Themes are chosen based in an Interest Survey and Activities list that is given to the boys.

I have a document I am developing as an overview for the Varsity Program. Here is the link:

http://ocscouting.com/dev/thevarsityexperience/ (link will change in the future, this is the development location)
Committee Member