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11 Year Old (EYOS) – Sample Annual Plan

Laguna Niguel Stake 11 Year Old Patrol (15-30 Boys)


4th Quarter 2015 –


Ø  10/6: (Tuesday) Genealogy MB Part 2/2 (LNSC Genealogy Library with MB Counselor).

Ø  10/13: (Tuesday) Geology MB Part 1/2 (with MB Counselor).

Ø  10/17: (Saturday) Geology MB Part 2/2 – (Excursion with MB Counselor – Azusa Fluorite mine).

Ø  10/20: (Tuesday) Camp prep & meal planning.

Ø  10/23 – 24: (Friday/Saturday) Camping trip — location: Falcon/Sage Camp. (Meet 4PM – Alicia building).

Ø  10/27: (Tuesday) Patrol flag design and creation. MB cleanup. (Bro. Mosconi will also be present to conduct a Geology MB session for those Scouts who missed the Azusa mine excursion).

November: Scuba Diving, New Patrol flag, Music MB, & Thanksgiving!

Ø  11/03: (Tuesday) Boy’s Life stories & Patrol games & other Scout stuff.

Ø  11/10: (Tuesday) Scuba prep & Music MB Part 1/2.

Ø  11/14: (Saturday) Scuba diving session @ Sports Chalet (Foothill Ranch).

Ø  11/17: (Tuesday) Music Merit Badge (Part 2/2).

Ø  11/24: (Tuesday) No Scouts this week. Happy Thanksgiving!

December: 5 Mile hike, RR MB, & Christmas Party!

Ø  12/01: (Tuesday) RR MB (Part 1/2).

Ø  12/05: (Saturday) Perris RR Museum excursion (www.oerm.org) (Part 2/2).

Ø  12/08: (Tuesday) Boy’s Life stories & Patrol games & other Scout skills training.

Ø  12/15: (Tuesday) Patrol Christmas Party!

Ø  12/19: (Saturday) 5 mile Hike at El Moro near Newport Beach.

Ø  12/22: (Tuesday) No Scouts this week. Merry Christmas! cid:image003.png@01D114A3.6FC2B0B0

Ø  12/29: (Tuesday) No Scouts this week. Happy New Year!


1st Quarter 2015 — Welcome to our Patrol’s Sixth Year!


Ø  1/6: (Tuesday) RR MB (Part 1/3). (With Counselor Dean O.)

Ø  1/10: (Saturday) The Great Model Train Expo (Part 2/3) (Anaheim Convention Center –  9:00AM-4:30PM). (Admission is free for the Scouts).

Ø  1/13: (Tuesday) (Poisonous Plants, Native Plants & Wild Animals). (TF #11, 2C #6, & 1C #6) (With Special guest, Richard Dyer).

Ø  1/20: (Tuesday) BSA Fire’M Chit training.

Ø  1/27: (Tuesday) Leatherwork MB (With Counselor – Roger M.) (Part 1/2).

Ø  1/31: (Saturday) from 7:30AM to 6:00PM – Mormon Battalion Commemoration Day. (RR MB – Train ride to Old Town San Diego – Part 3/3).


Ø  2/3: (Tuesday) Leatherwork MB . (Part 2/2)

Ø  2/10: (Tuesday) Indian Lore MB. (Part 1/2)

Ø  2/14: (Saturday) Semi-Annual Stake Advancement Day. (with Tote ‘N Chip & Indian Lore – Part 2/2).

Ø  2/17: (Tuesday) Board of Reviews. (TF #4b, 5, 6, Knots, Safe hiking & Flag Care).

Ø  2/24: (Tuesday) CoH (Court of Honor) – 7PM, LNSC.


Ø  3/3: (Tuesday) (Computers & Technology MB – Part 1/2).

Ø  3/10: (Tuesday) Camp prep (SC #3e, stove & fire safety, FC 4c-4d, food and gear plan).

Ø  3/13-14: (Friday-Saturday) (Campout & Mountain Hike – Falcon Sage camp).

Ø  3/17: (Tuesday) (Computers & Technology MB – Part 2/2).

Ø  3/18: (Wednesday) Patrol to conduct Flag Ceremony @ Crystal Apple Awards (LNSC – 7PM – SPL will invite Scouts if needed).

Ø  3/24: (Tuesday) (Swimming MB – Part 1/2). (Scout rooms will be used for baptisms this night).

Ø  3/31: (Tuesday) (Swimming MB – Part 2/2).

2nd Quarter 2015 –


Ø  4/4 & 4/5: General Conference & Easter.

Ø  4/7: (Tuesday) (Roundtable Flag Ceremony prep, Camporee prep, Bowline knot test, & Binder decoration activity).

Ø  4/9: (Thursday) Tiburon District Roundtable (Flying Eagles to perform Flag Ceremony – SPL will invite Scouts as needed).

Ø  4/14: (Tuesday) (Aviation MB, Counselor pilot training – Part 1/3).

Ø  4/18: (Saturday) Aviation MB (John Wayne Airfield – Part 2/3).

Ø  4/21: (Tuesday) (Aviation MB, with computer flight simulators – Part 3/3).

Ø  4/25: (Saturday only) 2015 District Camporee (San Juan Capistrano – ( www.tiburonbsa.com/node/2269 )

Ø  4/28: (Tuesday) (Special activity in preparation of May 10 holiday). (Cit. in the Nation review for those who need it). (Scout rooms will be used for baptisms this night). Covers one hour service project.


Ø  5/2: (Saturday) (LN Troop 772 Merit Badge Day -optional- (www.tiburonbsa.com/system/files/MeritBadgeDayFlyerRegFrom_0502152.pdf )

Ø  5/5: (Tuesday) (Orienteering MB basics (Part 1/3), Mormon Battalion discussion for award patch – reminder to begin homemade First Aid kits & physical exercises at home part 1/2. Keep a chart for yourself in your Scout book).

Ø  5/12: (Tuesday) Rifle MB (Gun Safety w/guest presenter). (Mike Reynolds/Counselor)

Ø  5/19: (Tuesday) (Chess MB at the Chess Academy, Laguna Hills, taught by Chess Master Richard Kasa – Part 1/2).

Ø  5/26: (Tuesday) (Chess MB at the Chess Academy, Laguna Hills, taught by Chess Master Richard Kasa – Part 2/2).


Ø  6/2: (Tuesday) Dentistry MB (Dr. Jeff Turner’s new offices – Part 1/2). (Jeff Turner/Counselor)

Ø  6/9: (Tuesday) Dentistry MB (LNSC – Part 2/2).

Ø  6/16: (Tuesday) Crime Prevention MB & Fingerprinting MB. (Mike Reynolds/Counselor)

Ø  6/23: (Tuesday) Crime Prevention MB & Fingerprinting MB. (Mike Reynolds/Counselor) (Finish up & turn in paperwork)

Ø  Also: Campout prep. (TF3 — On the campout, assist in preparing and cooking one of your patrol’s meals. Tell why it is important for each patrol member to share in meal preparation and cleanup, and explain the importance of eating together, & SC3g — On one campout, plan and cook one hot breakfast or lunch, selecting foods from the MyPlate food guide or the current USDA nutrition model. Explain the importance of good nutrition. Tell how to transport, store, and prepare the foods you’ve selected).

Ø  6/26-27: (Friday/Saturday) Camping trip – Falcon Sage. (School is out so we’ll plan to meet at Noon).

Ø  6/30: (Tuesday) Home Repairs & Plumbing MB – Part 1/4). (Roger Miller/Counselor).

3rd Quarter 2015 –


Ø  7/7: (Tuesday) Home Repairs & Plumbing MB – Part 2/4). (Roger Miller/Counselor)

Ø  7/11: (Saturday) Home Repairs & Plumbing MB – Part 3/4).

Ø  7/14: (Tuesday) Cycling Prep for July 18th 10 mile ride. (We’ll go over bicycle maintenance). Also finish Plumbing MB.

Ø  7/18: (Saturday) Alternate to five mile Hike requirement will be our 10 mile Patrol Bike Ride event. (This can go towards your Cycling MB).

Ø  7/21: (Tuesday) Weather MB – Part 1/1. (Scout Shop Shelia/Counselor) Must have pre-req’s completed).

Ø  7/28: (Tuesday) Plumbing & Painting MB’s – Part 4/4. (Class B shirts).


Ø  8/4: (Tuesday) (CoH Prep & SM Conferences) Also – MB Counselor visits for/Dentistry & Digital Tech.

Ø  8/8: (Saturday) Rifle MB  — Part 2/2 (Gun Range target qualifications).

Ø  8/11: (Tuesday) Orienteering MB (Part 1/2)

Ø  8/15: (Saturday) Semi-Annual Stake Advancement Day. (w/CPR Training & Orienteering MB part 2/2).

Ø  8/18: (Tuesday) (BoR’s for CoH) (This is like a SM Conf. to verify readiness to receive any Awards earned).

Ø  8/19: (Wednesday) First Class #5: Visit with Mayor & Pledge of Allegiance Ceremony – AV City Hall.

Ø  8/25: (Tuesday) (Court of Honor) 7PM, LNSC.


Ø  9/1: (Tuesday) Patrol leadership rotation/call new leadership, & build sturdy Patrol flag pole w/rope & pulleys.

Ø  9/8: (Tuesday) Horsemanship MB (Part 1/2) – Horsemanship basics & hot dog roast.

Ø  9/19: (Saturday) Horsemanship MB. (Bridges Equestrian Center SJC, CA). (1PM-3:30PM)

Ø  9/15: (Tuesday) Scouting principles from your Scout manual, Scouting contests: Patrol flag design & Ice cream in a bag.

Ø  9/22: (Tuesday) BSA Swim test.

Ø  9/29: (Tuesday) Genealogy MB Part 1/2 (LNSC Genealogy Library). (Preparing to learn how to find family names to take to the temple).