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Merit Badges was the answer.  They said they had been doing Road Show for the last few months, and I said – great, you have been doing Varsity Scouts for the last few months.  Perplexed, I explained how Personal Development was part of the Varsity Program.   The other great question was, “what are your biggest challenges”.  Getting boys out to YM was the hardest and planning for those activities.  I asked if getting the boys out to Youth Conference or Combined/Joint activities and they said it was less and issue (AKA fun activities with girls and food).  We agreed that priorities is what is really happening.  They are in the LDS Scouting Twilight Zone, something is off they just don’t know what it is.  I added the Interest Survey as part of the Training.  They liked that the best, as it is simple and something they can implement next week.

– Create Standard Agenda/Syllabus with Objectives (Start-Up Version + Next Step Version + Next Level Version)
– Basic Information Packet in same order with only the information needed for the overview/practice training
– Create a Step by Step Plan…review…get acceptance…commit to plan of action + follow up for results
– Next Level Training Steps (Varsity Vision, VALT, Huddle) + Personal Coaching for Coaches (Unit Commissioner type)
– Website with additional resources and step by step actions
– Solutions to common challenges (website)
– Improved Quarter Plan Sample (just add boys and execute) as well as “how it was created” .  2 Full Years like this.

I added some additional material to www.ocscouting.com/varsity . I am hoping to see some progress.  I let them know to work with other Wards for activities.  We did the Survey and when they selected “Basketball” as 1 of our activities I made suggestions of using resources such as Jordon Archibald (WC Ward) you played for BYU, Mike Smith (LH2 Ward) who played for the Clippers, and Kent Mclaren (MH Ward) who is the official Score Keeper for all of the Clippers Home Games, as resources to help add to a cool Basketball Program.   I suggested teaching the YW as a viable options besides what the manual offers.  It would then be up to the boys to create thier own, modify, and set a plan to do it.


Agenda – OC Fast Start

  • Introduction
  • Prayer
  • Assess the current program (most 90%+ of Ward in OC have not program)
  • What are you doing today?  How is that working for you?  Are you happy with the results?  What do you like?  What would you change?
  • What is Scouting to you?  Varsity? Venturing?
  • Why do we do Scouting? (6 Pillars)
    • #1 Vision of Program (Trails to Testimony)
  • Which Challenges do you face today with the Program?
    • Common problems – (talk about similar program…) “Scout Training was the Answer”
    • Basic Overview (5 Areas of Emphasis) + Org Chart + Program Goals (Dependant to Independant)
    • Different than Boy Scouts
  • Getting Started (Use Step by Step Guide)
    • Interest Survey + Master Tally/Stewardship of boys (#1 for each boy – get everyone)
    • Program Guide + LDS Activities + Activities Book
    • Plan your Year (Church / School Calendars + BSA + Combined/YC/Temple) – Pick 4+
    • Plan your Quarters (assignments) – Program Wheel Sheet
    • Plan your weeks – Agenda
    • Sample Plans – Frontiersman Example
    • Aiming for JTE – some measurable guidance
  • Pause for Q&A
  • Additional Resources
    • Website / Links / Blogs
  • Upcoming Training
    • VALT / Varsity Vision