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How Programs Stray (page 16 SM-LST)

Once the participants begin discussing experiences they have had as they applied the methods to the Boy Scouting program, lead them into a brief discussion of potential pitfalls to avoid. This discussion is intended to allow them to apply their past Scouting and personal experiences to their roles as Scoutmasters. Potential answers may include:

  • Adults setting low expectations for youth leaders
  • Adults not adapting to their changing roles as they progress through the different programs (for example, the Webelos den leader who becomes an assistant Scoutmaster but continues to treat Boy Scouts like Cub Scouts)
  • Straying from the age-appropriate guidelines set by the BSA—for example, letting younger youth participate in older-Scout activities
  • Not conducting the program according to BSA guidelines
  • Favoritism in recognition
  • Multiple standards