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Presidency Meetings

8.9.3 Quorum Presidency Meeting

Each quorum presidency holds a presidency meeting regularly. The bishop regularly attends and presides over the priests quorum presidency meeting, and one of his assistants conducts it. The deacons quorum president and teachers quorum president conduct their presidency meetings, and they preside unless a member of the bishopric attends. Quorum advisers and secretaries also attend these meetings. Secretaries take notes and keep track of assignments.

The agenda may include the following items:

  1. Plan ways to strengthen quorum members, including new members and less-active members. Also plan ways to fellowship young men of other faiths.
  2. Read and discuss scripture passages and instructions from Church leaders that relate to the responsibilities of priesthood leaders.
  3. Plan to visit quorum members as needed.
  4. Discuss ways to help each young man have success in the Duty to God program.
  5. Plan quorum meetings and activities.
  6. Consider items to discuss in bishopric youth committee meeting (see 18.2.9).
  7. Receive leadership training from bishopric members or quorum advisers.Where Scouting is authorized by the Church, quorum presidency meeting may be used to make plans for the quorum’s Scouting unit after the items above have been discussed. If youth and adult Scouting leaders are not already present, they may be invited into the meeting for this discussion. Young men of other faiths who hold leadership positions in the Scouting unit may be included. The quorum president continues to preside over this part of the meeting. He may invite a youth Scouting leader to conduct it. Quorum advisers ensure that each Scouting activity is consistent with the objectives listed in 8.1.3.


8.1.3 Purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood

Young men are in a time of preparation and personal spiritual growth. Accordingly, parents and the bishopric and other Aaronic Priesthood leaders help each young man to:

  1. Become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ and live by its teachings.
  2. Serve faithfully in priesthood callings and fulfill the responsibilities of priesthood offices.
  3. Give meaningful service.
  4. Prepare and live worthily to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and temple ordinances.
  5. Prepare to serve an honorable full-time mission.
  6. Obtain as much education as possible.
  7. Prepare to become a worthy husband and father.
  8. Give proper respect to women, girls, and children.

Parents and leaders help young men accomplish these objectives in family home evenings, family scripture study, meetings, activities, and interviews and by encouraging them to participate in the Duty to God program (see 8.12).

Young men should not recite these objectives in their meetings or activities.


Presidency Meetings: (see link – purpose)