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LDS Stake Recharter Agenda

Overview: Recharter each Unit on a Stake level, with assistance from each Ward.  While it is the Ward’s responsibility, we will provide the training, resources, and time to accomplish this ASAP.  We expect a Stake to take 1-2 Sundays and several follow up items for each Ward (mainly training and applications).  As a Commissioner Team, we will also use this opportunity to provide Annual Checkups for the Unit.



  • Set Dates
  • MLS/MIS Youth Records (Stake)
  • Divide up each Ward (Youth by Ward – for Bishop to Sign)
  • Have contact information for ALL Adult Leaders – all Units – Stake
  • Flyer – with expectations / checklist / location / times



  • Scoutbook – Boys + MIS/MLS List by Ward
  • Blank Applications (for Multi-Unit Registrations)
  • Information Sheet (resources, upcoming information)
  • Blank Commissioner – Detailed Assessment
  • Blanks Journey to Excellence Forms (1 per Unit)
  • Blank Recharter Paper
  • Eagle Clinic Flyer



  • Review Rosters – ScoutNET
  • Training Records – set expectation
  • Set Up Online Application
  • Recharter – Do It together
  • Upcoming Training Opportunities
  • District & LDS Websites
  • Annual Plans for each Unit (Cubs to Venturing) + Summer Activity
  • Get Leaders into Scoutbook
  • Update Birthdays & Unit information based on Birthdays / Drop Boys – no longer part of program
  • Quote: A Leader who wants to do their best gets trained and learns how they can magnify their calling then sets out a plan to do it…and does it.  This is an outward manifestation of an inward desire.  By your works, your desires will be known.
  • Ponder: Where are your priorities for the boys you serve?  Where your heart is, there your treasure will be.
  • Vision / Goal / Plans: Help each Young Man & Leader to become converted to the Gospel and live by it’s teachings.  The time to magnify our callings is now.  We are on the Lord’s errand.  The boys need our help.  Pray for them, about them, and with them then follow the promptings of the Spirit.