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Planning – Boy Scouts 12-13 yrs Old

Creating a 2 Year framework for 12-13yr old Boy Scouts/Deacons

  1. Print Master Calendar Template (24 months with 4 weeks).  1X per quarter, temple, 1 week per month – combined YM-YW
  2. Print School Calendars (if boys from more than 1 school district or school in unit)
  3. Print Moon Phases
  4. Print Activities & Skills List
  5. Print Places to go Camping + List of places other Troops have Camped
  6. Print Merit Badge List + Eagle Required (see below)
  7. Print Journey to Excellence (Troops)


  1. Pick the Outing of the month for 24 month (duplicates are OK)
  2. Determine which skills can be practiced at each Outing
  3. Determine when the best time of the year to go to specific Outing (example: snow/mountains, etc)
  4. Determine if Full Moon or No Moon makes a difference in Outing (example: full moon for desert dunes, new moon for star gazing) – (pick correct week)
  5. Coordinate Monthly Merit Badge Themes around Outings
  6. Produce Master Calendar / Master Plan & have Bishop & Scout Committee approve it.

Still Needed for each Outing (boys will select and plan):

  1. Cooking / Food (organized in Patrol Meeting)
  2. Outing’s Activities (Camp Fire, Biking, Water Balloon Launcher, Knife Throwing, Fire Starting, etc)
  3. Who will teach each merit badge section / monthly theme assignments  (youth created in PLC)
  4. Weekly Agenda (youth created in PLC)
  5. Gather Activity / Team Games  (youth planned in PLC)
  6. Pack Inspection for Outings (led by Patrol Leaders / Senior Patrol Leaders), specifically for harder hikes

Earn a total of 21 (14 Required + 7 Other) merit badges (10 more than you already have), including the following:

(a) First Aid
(b) Citizenship in the Community
(c) Citizenship in the Nation
(d)Citizenship in the World
(e) Communication
(f) Cooking
(g) Personal Fitness
(h)Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving
(i) Environmental Science OR Sustainability
(j) Personal Management
(k) Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling
(l) Camping
(m) Family Life

Fun Optional: