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Member ID – How to Connect Council & Online Profiles

Updated: 12/29/2018

Because all Scout tools are connected to this process, it is important that it be completed in order to gain access to the tools to perform your role as a Scout Leader (training, membership management, and for 2019 – Scoutbook).    Scoutbook offers a whole range of advancement and tracking of camping, service, training, leadership, and calendar.

Additional Resource: (PDF) – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BGjj9d-NhziT1jDQ38taA8UotjtT6Evr

Are you one of those Scouters who take online training, but it never gets attached to your profile/account. With the renewed effort to record Youth Protection Training we have had a lot of calls. Here are a few of the MyScouting Frequently Asked Questions:MyScouting LoginHow do I get my member ID?

Your member ID is located on your BSA membership card. You can also contact your local council to obtain this information. Additionally, you can contact your unit’s Internet Advancement processor who can log on to Internet Advancement and obtain your member ID from the unit roster.My Scouting Profile

You can complete the account creation process in MyScouting without entering your member ID. Enter it at a later date by logging on to MyScouting and clicking MY PROFILE. Click Modify Profile, and then click Modify Membership Information. Enter your member ID, scroll down to the bottom of the form, and click Submit.

My Scouting 3How do I add my member ID to my account?
Log onto MyScouting, and click MY PROFILE. Enter your member id(s) and select the appropriate councils then click ADD.

Why do I get this message: Council number and member ID number do not match?

You must have a current BSA registration to enter you member ID, and your member id must match the council that is it registered under.

Russ Dailey

Author: Russell DaileyDistrict Executive, Black Diamond District

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By Russell Dailey
Jul 10, 2015