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Online Training (How to get Set Up)

Currently for Cub Scouts Training.  Eventually ALL Training will be migrated over to the new system.


Creating An Account for BSA LearnCenter

Go to my.Scouting.org to create a my.Scouting account. If you already created an account on myscouting.org, my.scouting.org, bsalearn.learn.taleo.net (the BSA LearnCenter, ScoutingU) or scouting.org you may skip this step. Your login username and password is common on all of these sites.
  1. Click My.Scouting.org
  2. Select Create Account
  3. Follow the steps to create an account

Log into the BSA LearnCenter

Log into the BSA LearnCenter using your same username and password as you did with My.Scouting.org.

Starting Your Training

  1. Select the MyLearning tab.
  2. Select the Learning Plan that you want to work on.
  3. Select the Course Name to start the course.

Adding Content to your My Learning plan

  1. Select Course Catalog from the navigation bar and select the Learning Plans tab.
  2. Browse the available content.
  3. Hover over a learning plan and when you see   select it to self enroll for any content that you want to add to your Learning Plan


Find the content that you need when you need it. Search the available course content by keyword:
  1. In the BSA LearnCenter click on Course Catalog.
  2. Type the keyword for the content you need into the search text box.
  3. Select the search button.

 Tips and Tricks

  • If you are having trouble viewing content, see the Tools & Resources page.
  • Add the BSA LearnCenter to your Internet Favorites so that you can access it easily in the future.
    1. With your browser open to the BSA LearnCenter window, type CTRL + D.
    2. Type BSA LearnCenter.
    3. In the Add a Favorite window, click Add.