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Varsity – Getting Started Overview

Sample Program: Quarter Focus: Frontiersman (July, August, September) – Program Vol. 2 – pgs.28-45

imageBackground: For about 20 years—1820 to 1840—a group of men with a reckless spirit and sometimes savage approach to living took their place in American history. Known as mountain men, they were clad in buckskin with coonskin caps. Carrying muzzle-loading long rifles, perhaps tomahawks, and no more than one or two days’ rations, they headed west to blaze trails in land never seen before by other early Americans. Their adventures have fascinated and influenced writers and storytellers ever since.  The Frontiersman program feature encourages today’s Varsity Scout to reach into history and relive those adventures. This program feature introduces the Varsity Scout to the history of the frontier way of life, as well as how to make clothing, knives, and axes. Other sections discuss the use of muzzle-loading firearms.

5 Areas of Emphasis

Service (use 1 of these or come up with your own):
– Contact a local historical society and carry out a service project for them.

Advancement (use 1 of these or come up with your own):
– Review each Varsity Scout’s advancement status.
– Conduct a Wilderness Survival merit badge clinic.
– Monitor the team advancement chart regularly.

Personal Development (use 1 of these or come up with your own):
– Have the team attend a religious service as a group.
– Visit a historical society to learn about the influence mountain men had on your community.
– Have team members conduct a genealogy search to identify mountain men in their family trees

High Adventure/Sports (use 1 of these or come up with your own):
– Program manager outlines or updates the team’s annual special high-adventure event (Philmont, Florida Sea Base, etc.).
– Conduct a frontiersman activity

Special Programs & Event Finale: Blackfoot Rendezvous (September) – http://www.varsityrendezvous.com/events.html
 Compete against other Teams in San Diego area in events such as knife throwing and flint & steel