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Getting Started & Strengthening- Venturing (LDS)

venturing_gry_4k_1hikThe following information will help you get started or improve your Venture Scout Crew experience.  Coaching and Mentoring are available to all Leaders.  Please contact your local Stake Young Men’s Presidency or Josh Dart jd at joshdart.com 949-212-2014 to coordinate and find a coach for you and your Crew.



Venturing Overview:

As an LDS Scout leader, your role is to help each young man to accomplish the purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood.  We do this through helping each young man:

  • Develop Christ-like attributes (found in the Scout Law and Scout Oath)
  • Develop leadership skills (which will help them in their families, mission, school, work, and future callings)
  • Learn to rely on the Lord (through prayer and accomplishing hard things, such as hikes & camping)
  • Learn to love serving others and perform Priesthood and Community service (central to Priesthood and Scouting)
  • Become independent and gain confidence in their ability to do hard things, including Choosing the Right
  • Become Physically Fit, Mentally Awake, and Morally Straight
  • Develop skills that will help them succeed
  • Strengthen each other through brotherhood, Priesthood quorums, and friendships

This is best accomplished by getting trained (LEARN), seeking out best practices from other Scout Leaders, helping the boys do as much as possible (lead, plan, delegate, fail, and succeed) (ACT), and finding opportunities to share what you have learned with other leaders (SHARE).  The Learn, Act, Share Model is central to the Duty to God Program.  As the boys are engaged and feel that it is their program, they will step up and take more ownership and initiative.  As their leader, it is your responsibility to help encourage them, love them, be an example of the Priesthood, and provide training and direction for your young men.  Active quorums meet in Presidency Meetings/ Scout PLCs.  This should be done 2-3X per month. During these meeting, you will guide the youth to plan upcoming Crew Meeting and prepare for upcoming Crew Outings, activities, as well in additional to normal Presidency Meeting agenda items.

LDS-BSA Relations-LogoFor NEW Adults: New Venturing Leaders (LDS-BSA Website)
For NEW Youth: New Crew Officers Orientation


Venturing (everything should be led and done by the young men. Advisors are there to “advise”)

Step 1: Interest Survey, Annual Calendar, Quarter Plans, Next Quarter Details with Quorum/Stake

Step 2: Pool Resources and Young Men Create a Plan for the Year & Quarter & Weekly Details / Activity Plan Template

Step 3: Carry out the Plan (Use youth to plan and adults to oversee)

Step 4: Recognize Progress (Quarterly Court of Honor, Monthly Recognition)

Step 5: Youth find areas to improve.  Find Solutions to those areas.  Execute the plan.

Optional: Create a Stake VOA (Venturing Officers Association)


Venturing Requirements (ALPS Program)
ALPS (Adventure, Leadership, Personal Development, Service)

– Personal Safety
– Small Group Management
– First Aid & CPR
Goal Setting & Time Management
– Project Management (Project Management Slide Presentations & Project Management Manual ) or Coursera
– Coaching & Mentoring (Coursera) (BSA Mentoring Manual)
– Experiential training in conflict resolution, communications, group dynamics, cooperation, and ethical controversies
Leadership Based – Service Projects


LDS Stake VOA (Utah: National Parks Council):  https://sites.google.com/site/unpcvoa/lds-stake-venturing-resource

See Resources


Training Opportunities:
Crew Officers Orientation (Online Training for Youth Leadership)
– ILSC (Introduction to Leadership for Crews – Youth)
– Powderhorn (Resources Training)
– The Kodiak Challenge (Stake / Council Led Youth Training)

Adults Only (Basic Required Training):
– Youth Protection (YP)- Venturing Version (Online)
– Venturing Advisor Position-Specific (LIVE)
– (Committee) – Venturing Committee Training


Adults Only (Outdoor Training):
HAT – High Adventure Training (OC BSA) / HALTT – High Adventure Leader Trek Training (San Diego)


Supplemental (Available Online):
– Physical Wellness (ScoutStrong / PALA)
– Safe Swim Defense (Swimming / Water Activities)
– Safety Afloat (Water – Boating/Kayak/Canoe/Etc)
– Weather Hazards (Outdoors Training)
– Trek Safely (Outdoor Training)
– Climb On Safely (for Climbing Activities)


Health & Safety Trainings (Magnify your Calling)
– Wilderness First Aid
– Others: http://www.scouting.org/Home/HealthandSafety/Training.aspx


Advanced Training (Magnify your Calling)
– University of Scouting (Scouting Resources Day)
– Powderhorn (Resources Training)
– Wood Badge (Spring / Fall Courses)
– Courses at Philmont (Various Specialties)
– Trainer’s EDGE (Learning to Present/Teach)
– Mentoring (for Mentors of Youth)



  • 4 Levels of Venturing
    – Joining (Venturing Award)
    – Participating (Pathfinder Award) (LEARN)
    – Leading (Discovery Award) (ACT)
    – Mentoring (Summit Award) (SHARE)
  • Duty to God 
  • Mission Preparation Checklist
    – Boy Scout Skills (Cooking, Hiking, Survival, First Aid)
    – Varsity Skills (Annual & Quarterly Planning + Mentoring)
    – Venturing Skills (Goals, Group Leadership, Project Management, Dispute Resolution, Time Management, Coaching)
    – Foreign Language Training / Learning to Learn a New Language (Speak Your Language)
    – Seminary (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Church History + Doctrine & Covenants)
    – Prayer & Revelation
    – Effective Presidency Meetings
    – FHE (Family Home Evening)
    – Family Scripture Study
    – Personal Prayer & Scripture Study
    – Temple Attendance
    – Fasting + Tithes & Offerings
    – Obedience to the Commandments
    Preach my Gospel Study (PMG)
    – Teach Lesson from PMG to Members in their homes (boys prepare, schedule appointments, teach, invite others to do something)
    – Invite friends to activities
    – PPE with Fathers (Personal Priesthood Interviews/Walks)
    – Church Lessons: Come Follow Me (Sunday School – 2015 + Priesthood – 2015)
  • Career Exploration
  • Boy Scouts – Trail to Eagle
  • Service (Rescuing, Temple Work, Community Service, Home Teaching, Class Teaching, Mentoring, Missionary Work, Teaching a Skill)
  • Servant Leadership & Shepherding
  • Presidency Meetings
  • Purpose of Aaronic Priesthood
  • Leadership Training (ILST, NYLT, Varsity Vision, NAYLE, Kodiak, Powder Horn)

Other Ideas:

  • ROP + Visit Exploring Units (CSI, Fire, Police, Healthcare, Cooking)
  • Build Battle Bot
  • Start a Business
  • Build Something
  • Service
    – LDS Church Services
    – JustServe.org (opportunities to serve in the community)
    – Neighbors Helping Neighbors (Emergency Prep for Neighborhoods)
    – LDS Social Services
  • Journey to Excellence Program
  • Youth Awards (Extras)
  • Adult Awards


Sample 2 Year Plan (coming soon)